Welcome to Marathon Vacation Rentals!



Visit Marathon, FL in the heart of the Florida Keys for a taste of our island lifestyle. Enjoy every water sport imaginable — boating, diving, sport fishing, parasailing— or just relax and pull up a chair on the beach. Let the warm ocean water and tropical breezes rejuvenate your spirit.


Our Marathon Vacation Rentals professionals will help guide you to your dream vacation in paradise. We have a variety of vacation rentals to fit every size family and budget alike. If you decide you need more time in the Keys, ask about our long-term rental homes. We will take care of your all your rental needs in the Middle Keys.

Island Living

Here in the Greater Marathon Area, we enjoy life at a slower pace. So relax and make yourself at home — you are on island time now!


Directions are typically given by mile marker with Ocean or Bay side (also known as Gulf side) to let you know what side of the road your destination is on. There is only one road in and one road out – the Overseas Highway. 


Sandals and shorts are acceptable attire no matter the venue. We know you are going to love our laid back atmosphere, fish-filled waters and sunny days every bit as much as we do. And no… we really never grow tired of fish stories, sunshine, palm trees or Jimmy Buffett songs.


We hope you will find yourself here… in the Islands of Marathon in the fabulous Florida Keys.